Baobab, the most adored fruit in the universe

Well, it should be. The baobab tree, known as the tree of life and widely recognized from The Lion King as “Rafiki’s fruit”, produces a superfruit with extraordinary nutritional content. It is rich in fiber and prebiotic properties which supports healthy bacteria in the gut. Baobab is a 100% natural, raw wholefood with no additives or preservatives.

Like a superpower for your gut.

Gluten Free
Low Sugar
No Alcohol

Give your gut a new bestie

We have perfected an easy drinking beverage and powder but we aren’t stopping there.
We are also going to launch nutrition bars and snack bites very soon. We can’t wait for you to try them all!

Baobab Drinks Available online in April
Baobab Powder Available online in April
Nutrition Bars COMING SOON

On a mission

Mo Harruna, the founder, is a native of Ghana, home to the tree of life –

the baobab tree and has seen first-hand the power of the baobab tree fruit.

Mo came to America to pursue a better education. Here his soccer skills helped him through college, and beyond (he was amazing and still is!), and went on to have a successful

career in Marketing. He left corporate life to pursue his dream to make this healthy, healing superfruit available to everyone in the US and beyond.
Taking almost 7 years to pull-off, Gut Goodness was launched. But that’s another story. More to come.

Goodness inside and out

Gut Goodness is dedicated to supporting many causes and uplifting the people who work so hard to make a difference in the world.

We started the GOODNESS COMMUNITY - a charity where every year a portion of our proceeds are donated to people and organizations that are spreading good in places that truly need it.

And in honor of Mo’s mother, Amina, we proudly support the Ghanaian Women’s Association of Georgia (GWAG) to assist towards improving healthcare and education in Ghana.

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