Mo’s Story

I was born into a political family in Ghana and my journey to entrepreneur in America has been quite an adventure. My world was shaken at age 2 by a coup that forced my family into exile in Nigeria only to be left behind with an aunt in Ghana due to a visa issue. A year later, I was reunited with my family, only to be sent to Atlanta Georgia a short while later. These early years were anything but easy, but from that I gained the power of resilience, persistence, family values and heritage.

Like many before me, my American Dream was anything but easy or smooth. Once in America, I was sent back and forth from Atlanta to Seattle and then back to Atlanta. At one point, I actually lived in a laundry room of a friend’s home during my senior year in high school.

Soccer allowed me to attend Georgia State University on a scholarship. After graduating, I coached youth soccer before landing my first big opportunity with the legendary global advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. However, the loss of my brother, followed by my father's passing triggered a time of reflection that led me down the path of entrepreneur with a desire to find a means to support and honor my family.

My ‘overnight’ success actually took about ten years to truly gain traction. It started with a conversation with my mother about Ghanaian fruits that rekindled a childhood memory of baobab – the tree of life. This 'superfruit' of my homeland was the spark that ignited Gut Goodness. Initially named Amina, after my mother, the business began with a vision to enrich not only the health of our customers but also the lives of the communities from which we source our fruit.

I started with a baobab powder and when customers asked for a drinkable version, I embraced the challenge. The shift from powder to bottled drinks created a new opportunity to rebrand the business to reflect the benefits and personality of our product.

And so, Gut Goodness was born. Our mission is simple: provide healthy, functional beverages, powders, and snacks while embracing social responsibility.

Each bottle of Gut Goodness is not just a promise of health; it's a sip ofmy story, a blend of heritage, and a commitment to the well-being of communities both near and far. It's more than a brand; it's my life's narrative, poured into creating a legacy of goodness inside and out.

Goodness inside and out

As much as we are dedicated to taking care of your insides, we are equally committed to taking care of the outside - people and the worlds around us. We are honored to give back and lift up so many who are worthy and who may need us.

We started The GOODNESS COMMUNITY to do just that, and we have only just begun. Every year a portion of our proceeds are donated to people and organizations to help them promote the spreading of goodness to others.

Our commitment to giving back is evidenced by actions such as converting a bus into a mobile clinic and founding the Amina International School. We remain committed to supporting the Ghanaian Women's Association focusing on maternity care and educational initiatives.

And this is only the beginning of our journey to spreading goodness.