Baobab powder is extracted or made from the baobab fruit found obviously on the Baobab tree. Baobab trees are found in large numbers in Africa in the most difficult weather conditions. These trees are marvelous beings with some extraordinary features. To begin with, they are humongous in size. Some are even 98 feet in height and 36 feet in width. The climate in their habitat is not very forgiving and there can be very rough spells of no rain and extreme heat.Therefore, these trees adapted to store a large volume of water in their huge trunks to deal with dehydration. Baobab trees are also capable of stuffing their leaves, fruits and barks with all the nutrients it would require for growth. This is the reason that baobab trees can live up to literally 3000 years. It is truly a remarkable feat that baobab trees have achieved in their evolution process to equip themselves with these mechanisms to deal with one of the harshest weather conditions in the world. This adaptation is the reason that the baobab fruits are very nutritious and vastly beneficial for human consumption.

baobab powder


Baobob trees are not commercially grown. The reason being that they are found in huge numbers as it is. This is known as being “wild-harvested”. The fruits are then collected and dried naturally. The fruits once dried, their seeds can be removed from it. Without the seeds, the baobab fruits are crushed and ground into a powder. Thus, all the nutrients condensed in the fruits are present in the powder because no synthetic ingredients need to be added to it.


Baobab fruit can be eaten directly in areas where it grows naturally. In other parts of the world, the baobab is available in a powder form. The powder is used mainly by people who are very sensible of their fitness in practically any form. It is used in drinks, shakes, in curries, smoothies and even edibles like healthy bars.


1.  Baobab powder is rich in Vitamin C- Vitamin C has been in a lot of conversations ever since the covid-19 pandemic hit the world. It has multiple merits it brings to us like improving the health of skin, bones, blood cells, hair, etc. It also helps in aiding the immune system of the body to a certain extent.
2.  Baobab powder is packed with prebiotic fiber- Baobab powder is composed of 50% fiber. Most of this fiber is prebiotic. Prebiotic fibers are like food to the good bacteria or probiotic bacteria in the gut. Maintaining the health of the gut is essential for the body because it is very important for good digestion, good immunity and many important functions in the body. Baobab powder not only feeds the good microorganisms in the gut but improves their longevity and thus massively improves the immunity of the body.
3.  Baobab powder is a very rich source of Calcium- Calcium is a very essential element for bones and teeth and their health. Baobab powder has a record concentration of Calcium in it which is more than any plant based supplement.
4.  Baobab powder is a very rich source of Potassium- Baobab powder has literally more Potassium content than even bananas. Potassium is a very important element for transmission of signals and nerve function in muscles and cells.
5.  It has a lot of Magnesium - Magnesium is a very crucial element to the body. It is used for muscle, nerve health and function. Magnesium is a very important element for DNA makeup. Daily dose of a little Baobab powder should cover more than 2% of your magnesium requirements of the day.
6.  Oxidation is the process by which cells react with oxygen and get damaged. It is the process of aging in the body. Baobab powder consists of a lot of antioxidants which helps in keeping the body young and healthy. Antioxidants are very important to the body because free radicals are present in a huge capacity in the body owing to the millions of reactions that take place in the body every day. Antioxidants present in the baobab powder are therefore a great attraction to fitness enthusiasts.
7.  Baobab powder is completely natural. No artificial chemicals are added and because of that,the body is able to process it easily
8.  Baobab powder is suitable for patients of diabetes- Baobab powder has no sugary elements in it and has a low glycemic level. Therefore, diabetic people can consume it.
9.  Baobab powder can improve the health of your skin- Collagen and elastin is a protein which is very essential for the maintenance of the health of your skin and hair. The high concentration of Vitamin C in baobab powder adds to the manufacturing of these proteins in the body and thus helps in keeping the skin soft, supple and hydrated.
10.  Baobab powder significantly improves the immune system’s health. Gut health is very important to the immunity of the body. By giving a boost to gut health, its regular use can improve the immune system by more than 50 percent.
11.  Baobab powder is easy to consume- The fact that its taste is sweet and pleasant makes it easy to use every day.
12.  Although not researched enough, Baobab powder is said to be useful for treatment and relief in malaria, tuberculosis, many infections, anemia and many more. The powder is said to have antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant and antioxidant properties.
Baobab powder is obviously very effective and good for our health. The problem and precaution to be kept in mind is that it has not been researched a lot. The benefits we know of are known to us only by popular use and reviews. Baobab powder is still much like a miracle according to its benefits.
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